Bluestar is one of the only auto transportation companies specially equipped to move a single vehicle or a fleet with the same precision. We care about keeping your cycle time short and moving your vehicles securely so you can move inventory faster.

No matter if you have a dedicated pipeline purchasing 1,000 cars a week or need transport for a single vehicle purchased last night, Bluestar has solutions to move your vehicles from their pickup location to your dealership’s lot based on your unique specifications.

Clients include:

  • Used car dealerships
  • Fleets
  • Rental car companies
  • Banks
  • Manufacturers
  • Digital auction houses
  • Automotive groups

Online Shipment Tracking

Locate exactly where your shipment is by calling 1-877-445-BLUE or emailing and a representative will respond with exact details regarding your order.


How to Contact Us

Call us today via our toll free number at
to get free auto transport quote.

Bluestar Auto Movers ships and transports over 70,000 passenger vehicles and trucks a year. Allow us to make your delivery our next success story!