Bluestar’s motorcycle shipping service will get your bike delivered to you on-time and at your doorstep. In the rare case that we’re somehow unable to deliver to your home, your bike will be delivered to one of our many nearby locations where you can arrange for a pickup. We support our service through an interdependent system of dedicated auto transport professionals, from the truck drivers who make the delivery to the back-end workforce who keep in constant contact and update the customers about the progress of their vehicles. We offer individual shipping to customers looking to transport a single bike at a time, specialized shipping for dealerships looking to deliver to consumers, or even direct transport from manufacturers to customers in cases where motorcycles are obtained through specialty auctions.

We have immense faith in the quality of our service to deliver on the safety and care of your motorcycle. You will be asked to make payment after and only after you successfully test your vehicle and ensure that everything is in prime condition.

Enclosed Shipping

At Bluestar Auto Movers, we utilize the most modern heavy vehicle towing trucks available to safely accommodate the largest number of vehicles as possible. If you’re a bike owner looking for the reassurance and security that an enclosed carrier truck provides, Bluestar is excited to offer the option for enclosed shipping to our customers. Our optimized dispatch facility reduces the cost of transport for our clients while at the same time minimizing the time it takes to ship your vehicle. All of the shipping services we offer through our standard motorcycle transport service are included through enclosed shipping, including individual shipping, B2C shipping between auto dealerships and consumers, and specialized shipping between manufacturers and auctioneers. Is the pickup scheduled from a railyard or factory? No problem! Bluestar Auto Movers provides dedicated service at an affordable price, ensuring that your motorcycle is safely transported from A to B.

Our Experience

If there’s a brand or type of motorcycle you can name under the sun, we’ve shipped it. From Buell’s to Yamaha’s, Kawasaki’s to Ducati’s— whether you’re planning on shipping a 300lb Honda CRF or a 900lb Harley Davidson CVO, Bluestar Auto Movers will see your bike safely to its destination. Call today to schedule an appointment to ship your motorcycle!

All Motorcycle haulers are required by law to be registered through the Department of Transport. Choosing to ship with an unregistered companies presents a potential risk towards the safety and security of your vehicle mid-transit. Not to worry: Bluestar has all the necessary certification. Our highly reputable automobile transport services are fully registered and operate within the guidelines set by the Department of Transport, ensuring that customers who opt for our service will be met with the absolute best results. Insurance, too, is an important feature of the motorcycle shipping services offered through Bluestar Auto Movers. We deal with the most professional agencies that offer excellent insurance coverage to the vehicles we ship. Our insurance coverage relieves the owner from the anxiety of potential loss or damage of their vehicles while in our care. Our comprehensive service ensures that your motorcycle will be handed over to you, safe and sound.

There are plenty of motorcycle transport services that offer what they claim to be affordable vehicle shipping services in and outside the country, but Bluestar Auto Movers goes above and beyond to guarantee that your motorcycle is transported withe utmost care and attention. That’s what it means to be one of the best auto movers in the country: responsibly caring for our customer’s transporting needs all at an affordable cost.


Online Shipment Tracking

Locate exactly where your shipment is by calling 1-877-445-BLUE or emailing and a representative will respond with exact details regarding your order.


How to Contact Us

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Bluestar Auto Movers ships and transports over 70,000 passenger vehicles and trucks a year. Allow us to make your delivery our next success story!