California is not only home to the country’s tech sector, but is also one of the most highly trafficked shipping destinations in the country. Picturesque plains, winding highways, and booming metropolitan centers— The Golden State has it all. Bluestar Auto Movers is proud to offer premium automotive transport to the California-state area. Bluestar maintains operations and delivery that run across both coasts of the United States, making our service one of the most comprehensive, customer-focused, and cost-efficient auto transport services in the country. Making the leap from the midwest to start a new adventure on the west coast but not sure what to do about your car? What about moving out state to see what the east coast has to offer? Bluestar has the time and means to guarantee that no matter your destination, your vehicle will be transported safely there at an inexpensive price as possible.

Shipping Options

Bluestar Auto Transport offers a wide assortment of shipping options for customers to choose from, including enclosed, motorcycle, hotshot (express), and international shipping just to name a few. Bluestar approaches each of our deliveries with the utmost attention to both vehicle care and optimal expediency. Whether it’s your stylish SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) or a vintage/luxury vehicle, Bluestar ensures that your vehicle will be ready for you by the time you reach your destination. Ready to apply for a free quote today? Check out our website, send us an email or call our customer service line today to get started. Moving can be a time-consuming exercise, so allow Bluestar Auto Movers to take some of the stress off your shoulders.

Most Popular States
Shipping to CA

  • FL
  • TX
  • CA
  • NY
  • IL
  • NJ
  • GA
  • WA

Most Popular Cities
Shipped to in CA

  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • Sacramento
  • San Jose
  • Long Beach
  • Irvine
  • Fresno
  • Beverly Hills
  • Santa Monica

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Bluestar Auto Movers ships and transports over 70,000 passenger vehicles and trucks a year. Allow us to make your delivery our next success story!